A simple breath test that detects diseases.

Nanose Medical Vision

We present a significant breakthrough in the quality of medicine by providing a novel, user-friendly test which is non-invasive, reliable and provides real-time results;

DiaNose creates certainty and confidence among patients, medical staff and the health care system.

Nanose Medical revolutionarily combines the power of nanotechnology with artificial intelligence for rapid, cost-effective and non-invasive disease diagnosis.


Nanose Medical – Power of Nanotechnology & Artificial Intelligence – As Easy As Breathing !

Digital health by a breath test – An effortless, non-invasive and affordable test for screening, diagnosing and monitoring a variety of diseases and medical conditions.

Creates a social health network

Quick and simple test

Designed to protect patients and medical staff

Accessible to the general population

Revolutionary change in patients’ quality of life

Brings medicine to patient instead of patient to medicine

Nanose Medical for COVID-19 & Future Pandemics

DiaNose was developed for testing COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases will be able to be easily adjusted in the future to diagnose other pandemics

COVID 19 Solution

Eliminates need for invasive procedures

One simple test process - with reliable and non-controversial results

Substantially reduces user skill dependency

Quick and easy diagnosis without sending bio-hazard material to remote locations

No contact between patients and medical personnel