Dana Nagler – Office Manager & HR Officer

Dana holds a master’s degree in Administration and public policy from Haifa University and holds another bachelor’s degree in education from the Academic College at Wingate.

Dana is responsible for the company’s administrative operations, monitoring and managing patent processes, managing HR, being accountable for company events and recreational activities.

Gilad Feinberg - Software Eng Team Lead, B.eng

Gilad has graduated with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology.

During his studies Gilad worked as an Algorithms Engineer in the Technion’s signal processing and photonics laboratories, where he gained extensive experience with the development of classical and machine learning strategies for Electro-Optics, Ultra-Sound and Radar systems.

Dr. Omer Meroz - CTO, PHD

Omer (Ph.D Material Engineering) has researched and developed of thermoelectric materials for devices for green energy applications as part of her M.Sc and Ph.D work. During the past 6 years Omer has enhanced the efficiency of such materials, by improving the entire manufacturing process and perfecting it. She has presented her academic work in several conferences worldwide and has won numerous scholarships and awards for it.  Her research expertise lie in NDT, electrical, thermal and microscopic testing as well as process development. Omer has previously worked at Intel as part of the FE yield integration department where she was part of the quality control of the processors’ development process.

Prof. Yoram Weiss - Board Member, MD., MBA

Dr. Yoram Weiss is the Director of the Hadassah Hebrew University MedicalCenter, Ein Kerem Campus, Jerusalem, Israel. Previously he held the position of Chairman of the department of Anesthesiology (2009-2014) and Director of the Center for Surgical Critical Care Medicine (2006-2009). Dr. Weiss received his MD degree from the Israel Institute of Technology – Technion, Haifa, Israel. Dr. Weiss trained in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at Hadassah and the University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Weiss held two faculty appointments – Associate Professor at the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel and until recently Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Dr. Weiss is a graduate of the TRIUM MBA program, a joint program of the Stern NYU Business School, London School of Economics and the Haute Ecole De Commerce (HEC). Dr. Weiss has been certified in Medical Organizations and Hospital Management by the State of Israel (2018).

Dr. Weiss has more than 20 years’ experience treating patients undergoing major surgical operations and patients suffering from complex multi-organ failure in the ICU. He has extensive experience in both basic and clinical research including the design and execution of large-scale clinical trials. His clinical research interests focus on advanced physiologic monitoring using AI and machine learning as well as the two most severe forms of respiratory failure and infection: acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and sepsis. Additionally, Dr. Weiss has consulted to numerous biotech companies. Dr. Weiss’s basic science projects focus on the molecular biology of ARDS and on the biological mechanisms associated with the effects of the Heat Shock Response.

Ilay Marom - Co-founder & COO, MBA

Prior to joining NaNose Medical, Ilay (Kellogg SOM, Northwestern university MBA) served as an Israeli Naval Officer both in the most operational unit in the IDF and as an instructor at the Israel Naval Academy. Ilay is taking part of the Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA program.

Dr. Osnat Sela Tavor - Co-founder & CSO, PhD

Osnat (Ph.D, M.Sc. (Molecular Biology), B.Sc. (Life Sciences)) is an experienced research and development manager with over 20 years of unique experience in the development of innovative and multidisciplinary products from technological concept to clinical trials. During a dozen years at Given Imaging, followed by Medtronic, Osnat led complex research projects based on multiple areas of expertise – immunological testing, sensors, pharmaceutical polymers, mechanical engineering, optics, electrical engineering, preclinical models and clinical trials. In 2016, Osnat received a Technical Fellow appointment at Medtronic. Prior to that, Osnat worked for Compugen for 7 years where she ran a multidisciplinary process that integrates mathematicians, bioinformaticians and lab work to identify innovative biomarkers for the detection of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Prof. Hossam Haick -Co-Founder & Board Member

Hossam, the inventor of the NaNose Medical technology, is a world-renowned expert in the field of nanotechnology and non-invasive disease diagnosis, and a full professor and holder of the F.M.W. Academic Chair at the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute at the Technion. Hossam has received almost four dozen prizes for his research, including Knight of the Order of Academic Palms (Chevalier dans l’Ordres des Palmes Académiques), the Advanced Alexander von Humboldt Research Award, the Bill & Melinda Gates Award, and has been included in MIT’s Technology Review’s “World’s 35 Leading Young Scientists”, Nominet Trust’s 100 most influential persons in the digital technology world for 2015 , American GOOD Magazine’s 100 influential figures for 2016 and more. Hossam has published more than 170 scientific papers and more than ten book chapters, and has registered more than 28 patents for his inventions.

Orit Marom-Albeck -Co-Founder, Chairperson & CEO, LLB & BSc

With her background in Chemistry (B.Sc.), Business and Law (LL.B.), Orit has vast experience in cultivating technology companies and ventures. Over the years Orit has been involved in the establishment of key initiatives in the renewable energy sector and has led major investments in the clean-technology field. Orit is a partner and the head of the cleantech practice at the Shibolet & Co. law firm. Orit is also the co-founder and chairperson of Capital Nature Fund and co-founder of Keilot – a HUB for Israeli off-grid technologies for developing countries.

Imad Telhami - Co-Founder & Board member

Imad is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Babcom Centers; the Chairman and Co-Founder of the Takwin Incubator; a Board Member at the Lautman Foundation; and recipient of Honorary Doctorates from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Tel Aviv University