Nanoscale Sensor Technologies for Disease Detection via Volatolomics

Diagnosis and Classification of 17 Diseases from 1404 Subjects via Pattern Analysis of Exhaled Molecules

Gold nanoparticle sensors for detecting chronic kidney disease and disease progression

Diagnosis and Classification of 17 Diseases from 1404 Subjects via Pattern Analysis of Exhaled Molecules

Einat Hauzer – R&D Engineer

(B.Sc. chemistry and biology, M.Sc. material engineering, TAU) is an experienced chemist in the fields of electrochemistry and composite nanomaterials. During her study, Einat developed synthesis methods for the preparation of metal nanoparticles. Prior to joining to NaNose Medical, Einat worked in several start-ups as a R&D chemist.

Chen Shitrit Niselbaum - Software Engineer

Chen (B.Sc. Information Systems Engineering) is a Technion certified Data Scientist, experienced in Machine Learning research and modeling, Data Engineering and Project Management.

Prior to joining NaNose Medical, Chen worked as a Data Scientist and Researcher at I-Medata AI Center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

Ofek Lahis – R&D Student Engineer

Fourth year Student of Bio- Medical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University. Experienced in technical laboratory devices and programing including machine learning tools. Part of the device R&D and QA team, ensuring the operation of the device while preforming tests and validations.

Dana Nagler – B.Ed., M.A, Administration Manager & HR Officer

Dana holds a master’s degree in Administration and public policy from Haifa University and holds another bachelor’s degree in education from the Academic College at Wingate.

Dana is responsible for the company’s administrative operations, monitoring and managing patent processes, managing HR, being accountable for company events and recreational activities.

Dr. Omer Meroz, PhD Head of Sensors R&D

Omer (Ph.D Material Engineering) has researched and developed of thermoelectric materials for devices for green energy applications as part of her M.Sc and Ph.D work. During the past 6 years Omer has enhanced the efficiency of such materials, by improving the entire manufacturing process and perfecting it. She has presented her academic work in several conferences worldwide and has won numerous scholarships and awards for it.  Her research expertise lie in NDT, electrical, thermal and microscopic testing as well as process development. Omer has previously worked at Intel as part of the FE yield integration department where she was part of the quality control of the processors’ development process.

Ilay Marom - COO

      • Prior to joining NaNose Medical, Ilay (Kellogg SOM, Northwestern university MBA) served as an Israeli Naval Officer both in the most operational unit in the IDF and as an instructor at the Israel Naval Academy. Ilay is taking part of the Kellogg-Recanati International Executive MBA program.