NaNose Medical Technology

DiaNose is an electronic nose device that can, in real time, “smell” diseases in patients’ exhaled breath. 

The recognition of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in breath samples is non-invasive and offers safe diagnosis of diseases.

The DiaNose technology consists of an innovative smart sensor array that measures Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and artificial intelligence which analyzes the signal pattern, to reveal unique “VOC’s finger-prints” for each disease.

 DiaNose’s Benefits:

The DiaNose diagnosis is performed within minutes

The test procedure is non-invasive and is not user-dependent

Test result interpretation is simple (Positive/Negative)

DiaNose is a mono step test and can potentially be performed anywhere with no need for special structures or facilities


NaNose Medical – Power of Nanotechnology & Artificial Intelligence – As Easy As Breathing!

DiaNose – An effortless, non-invasive and affordable test for screening, diagnosing and monitoring a variety of diseases and medical conditions.

Creates a social health network

Quick and simple test

Designed to protect patients and medical staff

Accessible to the general population

Revolutionary change in patients’ quality of life

Brings medicine to patient instead of patient to medicine